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Solar cost-saving benefits

The primary case for installing solar power systems was previously cantered around avoiding load shedding. However, we’ve seen a significant shift in the market, an equally compelling argument can now be made for solar power based solely on its cost-saving benefits. With the cost of solar panels decreasing and energy prices rising, the financial benefits of installing a solar power system are undeniable.

Solar tops the list of feature homebuyers seek

Evidence from real estate agents and bond originators suggests homes with solar systems installed can increase the property value by 3-8% and solar topped the list of features property buyers are looking for.

Why it is now the perfect time to consider installing a solar backup system?

While electricity tariffs increased significant by nearly 700% the last 5 years, prices of Solar Backup Products has fallen by up to 50%.

With the electricity price increase by 12.75% in April, coupled with the decreasing costs of solar backup systems, this presents a valuable opportunity to invest in sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for your home or business.

A One-Time investment for a lifetime of savings

 Every day that you leave your roof space empty, is like “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs”. Ignoring this opportunity means losing money every day by missing out on valuable, energy savings.

Did you know?

  • 3 Solar panels of 550 Watts each can produce about 29,000kW electricity over 20 years.
  • If Eskom raise electricity tariffs by 12% each year you can save about R800,000 over 20 years with only 3 x 550W solar panels on your roof.


Think Big, Start Small

A top of the range 3.6kW All-im-One Sunsynk system will only cost you about R1,990 per month over 72 months on a private loan with a total payment of R143,289. Taking into account that with a 12% yearly increase of electricity tariffs you can save up to R800.000 over 20 years.

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