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Advantages of Central Vacuum Systems


Indoor Air Quality – Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergies
Central vacuum cleaner systems eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area. All the hype about allergens, including dust mites, that is true! The long-term health benefits are amazing. Central vacuums systems capture dust, dirt, and allergens without stirring up microscopic particles and re-emitting them into interior spaces.


Less Noise
Central Vacuum Cleaners eliminates the loud, irritating noise of portable vacuum cleaners because the power unit is not only acoustically insulated, but also located outside your living area.


Vacuum Power
With 3-5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners you get a superior deep clean in less time.


Convenient and Super Easy to Use
Just connect the lightweight hose to any conveniently located inlet. No heavy unit to pull, push or drag upstairs, no switches, and no electrical cords to keep tripping over.

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