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5kW +14kWh + Tesla Powerwall +10 x 550W Solar Panels


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Supplier: Think Smart Build in Systems
Brand name: Tesla
Warranty: 10 Years

The Tesla Powerwall is indeed a fully-integrated AC battery system designed for residential or light commercial use. It serves as an energy storage solution for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup power.

The Powerwall features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 13.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh), which allows homeowners to store excess energy generated by their solar panels during the day for use during the evening or in the event of a power outage. By storing and utilizing clean energy, users can reduce their reliance on the grid and increase their self-consumption of renewable power.

One of the notable features of the Powerwall is its electrical interface, which provides a simple connection to any home or building. This makes it easy to integrate the Powerwall into existing electrical systems, allowing for seamless installation and operation.

The compact design of the Powerwall is considered revolutionary, as it achieves market-leading energy density. This means that it can provide a significant amount of energy storage capacity while occupying a relatively small footprint. The compact size and ease of installation enable homeowners and businesses to quickly start benefiting from reliable and clean power, reducing their carbon footprint and increasing energy independence.

Overall, the Tesla Powerwall is an advanced energy storage solution that helps homeowners and businesses optimize their energy usage, increase their reliance on renewable energy sources, and maintain power supply during outages.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Benefits

  • Load shedding protection during night and day.
    The Tesla Powerwall serves as a backup power source during load shedding events or when the electrical grid fails. It automatically detects outages and seamlessly switches to supplying power, ensuring that your lights and essential appliances remain operational.
  • Grid Reliance Control and Reduction
    The Powerwall reduces grid dependence by storing energy during low-demand/low-rate periods, allowing usage during high-demand/high-rate periods for optimized energy consumption and potential cost savings.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Control
    The Powerwall’s mobile app enables real-time monitoring and control of energy usage, battery status, and charging/discharging. It provides insights into energy consumption patterns, empowering informed decisions for energy management.
  • Modular design expandable over time
    The Powerwall’s modular design allows for easy expansion of energy storage capacity over time, accommodating growing energy needs and enabling flexibility in system size.
  • 10 year minimum battery life warranty

How Does Powerwall Work?
Powerwall gives you the ability to store energy for later use and works with or without solar to provide key security and financial benefits. Each Powerwall system includes at least one Powerwall and a Tesla Gateway, which provides energy monitoring, metering and management for the system. The Backup Gateway learns and adapts to your energy use over time, receives over-the-air updates just like the rest of Tesla’s products and is capable of managing up to ten Powerwalls. The Powerwall is designed with aesthetics and safety in mind. A touch-safe enclosure, ensuring the safety of both users and installers.

With Solar
When the sun rises, solar begins powering the home. When additional power is required within the home, the home can pull from the utility grid.

Powerwall is charged by solar during the day, when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming. Powerwall then stores that energy until the home needs it, such as when solar is no longer producing at night, or when the utility grid is offline during a power outage.

The next day when the sun comes out, solar recharges Powerwall so you have a cycle of clean, renewable energy.

Without Solar
If your electricity rates vary throughout the day, Powerwall will charge when electricity costs are low and discharge when electricity costs are high, generating automatic savings. Powerwall will also provide seamless backup power by detecting grid outages and automatically becoming the home’s main power source.


Powerwall Specs

Energy Capacity
13.5 kWh
100% depth of discharge
90% round trip efficiency

7kW peak / 5kW continuous
Seamless backup transition
Pure sine wave output

Size and Weight
L x W x D
1150 mm x 753 mm x 147 mm
114 kg


Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
Up to 10 Powerwalls
-20°C to 50°C
Water and dust resistance to IP67


Meets local safety standards and regulations

10 years




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